Buying Property Taxes in Spain

Buying Property Spain Taxes

Buying property in Spain is subject to various Spanish taxes, all of which are paid by the buyer. It is important to have clear from the outset the real costs you will face when you buy property in Spain. It is equally important to be clear about the ongoing costs you will face as a property owner in Spain. As well as taxes, you’ll need to pay fees for professional services. As a result, the total can...

Mortgage Spain

Buying Property Spain Mortgage

Mortgage and finance of property in Spain. If you are planning to buy property in Spain, you should read our guide to see what Spanish mortgages are available and how to apply. Everything you need to know about property mortgage in Spain....

Residency in Spain

Buying Property Spain Residency

Residency in Spain. If you live more than 183 days in Spain per year you are required to become a Spanish resident. EU citizens don`t need to apply for a ‘residence card’, all those coming to live in Spain are required to register themselves as resident by applying for a “Certificado de Registro” from Foreigner’s Office within three months of their arrival to Spain. Everything you need to know to...

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