Pharmacies in Javea

Pharmacies and chemists in Javea, Spain. Looking for a open pharmacy or chemist close to you in the Javea area? In this article we show you the nearest pharmacy with map and directions in Jávea.

The chemists in Spain are referred to as “Farmacias” plural or “Farmacia” singular. Even in the smallest of Spanish towns, you can find more than one. In larger towns and cities they can be found on virtually every street corner and are easily recognised with their large green neon crosses. Most pharmacies are part of a chain although there are some smaller independent pharmacies in most of the Spanish regions.

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You can buy many medicines over the counter in Javea, Spain that you may not have been able to at home, but if you are a pensioner it would be cheaper and more advisable to see your doctor and to get a prescription from him. You can also buy your medicines and other products online at

Prescriptions fees in Javea

In some countries there is a standard fee for prescriptions, no matter what they may be, but this is not the case in Spain where each item is priced differently. Still, you are likely to find that prescriptions in Costa Blanca are a lot cheaper than in many countries.

Tablets (pastillas) in Spain do not come in bottles containing the exact number the doctor has prescribed. Instead they come in boxes with a set number of pills in the box. Therefore the doctor will write the prescrip- tion out accordingly as these boxes cannot be broken up.

Pharmacies and chemists open hours in Javea

Pharmacies are usually open from 9.30 am until 2pm and from 5pm until 9.30pm Mondays to Fridays and from 9.30am until 2.30pm on a Saturday. If you find that your nearest farmacia is closed, you will usually find a list on the door or window notifying you of an alternative within your town that will be available. In even the smallest of villages you will be able to contact a pharmacy in case of emergency 24 hours a day.

Emergency treatment in Javea

Throughout Spain the number to call for a medical emergency is 061. In each province however it would be wise to familiarize yourself with the address of your nearest hospital and its own emergency number.

In any city there is more than one hospital for accidents and emergencies.

List of Pharmacies and chemists in Javea

List of Pharmacies and chemists in Javea, Spain. Check out the map below for locations and directions. Find your local English speaking chemists in Javea.


Phone: (0034) 966 463 531
Address: Avd Pla 126 (Arenal) – near the Repsol petrol station


Phone: (0034) 966 463 994
Address: Plaza Joanot Martorell 5 (Thiviers)

Farmacia LYDIA GIL

Phone: (0034) 966 463 142
Address: Avenida de la Fontana 18 (Arenal) – near la Bruja bar

Farmacia ANA LILLO

Phone: (0034) 966 463 947
Address: Avenida Antonio Bañuls (Pueblo)


Phone: (0034) 966 471 333
Address: Ctr Cabo la Nao Pla 165 (Arenal)


Phone: (0034) 966 461 954
Address: Avenida Augusta 3 0 (Port/Montanar)


Phone: (0034) 965 791 801
Address: Plaza de Iglesia 11 (Pueblo)


Phone: (0034) 965 794 808
Address: Rhonda Colon 4 (Pueblo)


Phone: (0034) 965 791 195
Address: Avenida Rey Juan Carlos I 33 (Pueblo/Thiviers)


Phone: (0034) 965 791 520
Address: Calle Sevilla nº1 (Port)


Phone: (0034) 965 793 839
Address: Avenida de la libertad 7 (Arenal)


Phone: (0034) 965 770 900
Address: Ctra. de Portixol 64 (Portixol)


Phone: (0034) 966 462 545
Address: Avenida Lepanto nº12 (Port)

Map of Pharmacies in Javea

Pharmacy services in Javea

The Spanish pharmacy is not only a place to pick up your prescriptions (Recetas) though, in many towns they act as a social hub where the locals come to gossip, socialise and share their health woes with the pharmacists, other members of staff and the local community. If you have a minor ailment, don’t worry about making an appointment with your doctor, just pop down to your local farmacia first. Pharmacists in Spain are generally very well trained and will save you making an appointment with your GP.

  • Prescription fulfilment
  • Painkillers and anti-inflammatories
  • Plasters & antiseptics for those minor cuts and bruises
  • Medical advice about all sorts of conditions and complaints
  • Sunscreen to prevent bad sun burn and after sun treatments for when you forget
  • Insect bite creams
  • Insect repellents
  • Jelly fish sting creams
  • Diarrhea, runny tummy medicine
  • Cough medicines especially for children
  • Throat lozenges
  • Eye drops
  • Skin creams and treatments
  • Chapped lip sticks and balms
  • Oral hygiene; toothbrushes, toothpastes & mouth washes
  • Support bandages for those painful sprains
  • Blood pressure and heart rate measurements
  • Athletes’ foot treatment
  • Haemorrhoid treatments
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Contraceptives
  • Anti-inflammatory sprays and creams for pulled muscles and sprains
  • Personal grooming products

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