Property in Spain? How to make the most of your money

How to make the most of your money

If you are going to buy or sell a property in Spain, it is important to make the most of your money, whether you are transferring money to Spain or sending them home to your country. Moving money to or from Spain does not have to be expensive, complicated or stressful. In this case is important to be smart and avoid expensive fees, lousy exchange rates, and the hassle of the various banks. Here we show you how to beat the bank’s exchange rates every single time.

Exchange rates are moving fast, and it is not uncommon to see large currency pairs fluctuate by 10% in a few weeks. Finding the best time to transfer money is important. This is where the Currencies Direct free services comes in. They will help you make the right decisions based on your needs and market fluctuations.

Experts on currency exchange

Currencies Direct is a currency exchange expert, ensuring that customers receive the best possible currency exchange, while guaranteeing no bank charges. Currencies Direct is a very good alternative to bank for international money transfers. They have grown tremendously in recent years and this makes them the most important and complete company in this sector.

Currencies Direct will monitor the exchange rates for you and contact you when there is movement in the market. You can also bind today’s exchange rate for up to one year. This can be very beneficial for those who are going to sell their property in Spain, and have a date for signing on in the future. The euro has recently been strong, and by binding today’s exchange rate they will be guaranteed this exchange rate for up to one year, although exchange rates will change during that time.

Why you should use Currencies Direct

You will get exchange rates that are better than a bank – Currencies Direct will give you a better transfer price than the one you will get from commercial banks every single time.

  • Absolutely no transfer costs – Currencies Direct has none transfer costs unlike most others in the industry.
  • Professional Guidance from Experts and Market Research – Currencies Direct has multi-lingual currency experts with long industry experience and will provide you with guidance and suggest products and services that suit your situation.
  • No checks on deposit deposits – Currencies Direct has an exclusive partnership with the bank CaixaBank in Spain, and therefore no costs to you when depositing checks into your euro account.
  • Available everywhere – Currencies Direct has 16 branches in Spain, and you can talk to an expert by phone or transfer money around the clock using their website and app.

    Whether you are sending large amounts of money and want the guidance of an expert, or if you want to send smaller amounts on the go, Currencies Direct will make the money transfers as simple as possible while ensuring you get the best deal every single time.

    When is it wise to use currency exchange experts?

    A) Housing in Spain – Whether you want to buy property in Spain or are considering selling, Currencies Direct guarantees you the best deal. They will help you choose the right service and time of transfer, which is very important when transferring large sums to Spain.

    B) Regular payments – Do you receive a pension from Norway, or do you have bills and loans? Currencies Direct can help you set up automatic payments.

    C) Emigration – Are you going to start a new life in Spain? Then international money transfers should not be something you need to protect yourself from. Whether you want to transfer savings or daily transactions.

    D) Send money home – Are you going to sell your property in Spain and go home? Then Currencies Direct can advise you not to lose money when sending them home.

    This is how you get started

    #1 Create an Account – Once you have created an account with Currencies Direct, you can check live exchange rates 24/7. Opening an account is easy, fast and free. Open an account here.

    #2 Secure a Great Price – With Currencies Direct you can transfer to more than 200 countries in over 40 currencies. You can send your money by card or bank transfer.

    #3 Currencies Direct will do the rest – Your funds will be transferred the same day *. Currencies Direct notifies you when the payment is being sent, and you can track transfers online and through the app.

    Whether you already enjoy the Spanish sun or are considering moving there, Currencies Direct will help you get the most out of your overseas money transfers with easy, hassle-free services. Read more about Currencies Direct!

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