Send money to Spain

Send money to Spain

Many people travel to Spain with a currency other than Euro. Then it is important to educate yourself a little on exchange rates, transaction fees and banking services. Here we show you everything you need to know about sending money to and from Spain.

If you are looking for a cheap and convenient way to send / transfer money abroad, we strongly recommend Currencies Direct. It’s probably the most popular tool at the moment for sending and receiving money internationally at no charge – much cheaper than using your local bank.

Cheaper and as secure as the bank

Currencies Direct has the highest standards to ensure your funds are safe at all times, and is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority as an electronic money institution, and has the highest possible Dun & Bradstreet credit rating. Currencies Direct also keeps your money in a separate account and does not use the money to run its business.

How to send money to Spain

# 1 Create an Account – Once you have created an account with Currencies Direct, you can check live exchange rates 24/7. Opening an account is easy, fast and free. Open an account here.

# 2 Secure a Great Price – With Currencies Direct you can transfer to more than 200 countries in over 40 currencies. You can send your money by card or bank transfer.

# 3 Currencies Direct will do the rest – Your funds will be transferred the same day *. Currencies Direct notifies you when the payment is being sent, and you can track transfers online and through the app.

Applications for payments to and from Spain

A) Housing in Spain – Whether you want to buy property in Spain or are considering selling, Currencies Direct guarantees you the best deal. They will help you choose the right service and time of transfer, which is very important when transferring large sums to Spain.

B) Regular payments – Do you receive a pension from Norway, or do you have bills and loans? Currencies Direct can help you set up automatic payments.

C) Emigration – Are you going to start a new life in Spain? Then international money transfers should not be something you need to protect yourself from. Whether you want to transfer savings or daily transactions.

D) Send money home – Are you going to sell your property in Spain and go home to Norway? Then Currencies Direct can give you advice so you don’t lose money when sending them home.

How Long Will It Take Before My Money Is In An Account In Spain?

How long it will take before the money is in an account in Spain, will depend on when the day you send the funds and how long it will take you to pay for the transfer. Currencies Direct can send money to Spain the same day you order, but it usually takes between 24-48 hours. Currencies Direct sends you a confirmation email as soon as they send the currency to the recipient’s account. Read more about Currencies Direct

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