12 Tips Long Term Rentals Javea

12 Tips Long Term Rentals Javea

Tips for long term rentals in Javea, Spain. If you want to rent a home in Javea and want to find out where and how to rent a property on a long term basis, and what to expect from the Spanish real estate market. Then you’ve come to the right place. We are here to give you tips about long-term renting of villas, apartments and townhouses in Javea.

Although the property prices in Spain have fallen 30 percent overall, this has not had the same effect on the rental market in Javea. But it is clear that less attractive Spanish properties fall in price, and even in Barcelona or Madrid it is possible to get a small apartment for EUR 300 per month. Double will give you a nice Spanish home in a better area, and EUR 1000+ per month you get a house outside the city or a nice central apartment in Spain’s largest cities, such as Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.

Search and find your dream property in Costa Blanca

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For us Europeans, it is usually the cities of the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca that is most popular, and in these holiday paradises the prices are very stable and one has to expect to pay more if you want to live in the most popular areas. But compared to Europe you will find that you get a lot of housing for your money in Javea at a much lower cost. Here are 12 good tips for long term renting in Javea.

#1 Should you rent or buy in Javea?

Renting a property in Javea is a good way to get to know the city and to decide which area you want to live in. Only 17 percent of Spanish residents rent out their homes, and the market is more directed to sales than rent. However, the Spanish real estate market has suffered greatly since the crisis in 2008 and many are struggling to sell their homes, this has made the rental market attractive also for the Spaniards, and it is good news for you who are looking for long-term housing rentals in Javea, Spain.

Renting for a few years in Javea before purchase is generally a good tip, especially in today’s market. On the plus side, there are no restrictions for foreigners (resident or non-resident) to buy property in Spain. The cost of buying a home is around 15 percent of the property’s selling price, and is mainly paid by the buyer.

#2 Find a long term property for rent in Javea

As with other countries, the most common way to find a house or apartment for long term rent in Javea, Spain is through a real estate agent, online real estate portal, or through newspaper ads. There are several good websites where you can find your dream home in Javea. We will here in this overview show you the most used oens. There you will find homes for long term rentals throughout Spain.

  • Javeasales.com
  • Fotocasa.es
  • Idealista.com

  • Facebook groups and pages where you can find houses for long term rent in Javea

  • Costa Blanca Sales & Rentals
  • Javea Sales & Rentals
  • Long term rentals Javea and Moraira
  • Javea long term rentals
  • Long term rentals Javea

  • #3 Is the area good for the whole family?

    Spend time looking at homes for long term rent before you decide to rent. Examine what is in the area you want to live in, municipal services and activities for the kids. Remember that in Spain there is an everyday life too, and then it is important that you have what you need around you.

    #4 Pick out the homes you want to see before you come to Javea

    Spend time on the real estate portals and note the homes you want to see before arriving in Javea, Spain. In that way you can make appointments with us for viewing the homes you want to see. This will save you time and will give you the opportunity to get more viewing agreements on the same day.

    #5 Give the Real Estate agent good information about your long term rental needs

    If you use a real estate agent, it is important to choose a real estate agent who will listen to you and your needs. Before going to a broker it is important to think about what you want from your long term rental property. How many bedrooms and bathrooms, price range, area, and type of house. Make sure this is communicated so that the broker is prepared and shows you housing that is within your interest.

    #6 Does the real estate agent have experience?

    Make sure you use a real estate firm that has been in business for some years and has good experience. Anyone can start as a real estate agent in Spain. Then it is important that you ask for references from previous customers and spend time checking if the real estate agent is serious.

    #7 Properties for long term rent far beyond budget

    Many real estate agents in Spain show more expensive homes than what you have used for. This is for the customer to stretch a little extra, and for the real estate agent to get as much commission as possible from each lease agreement. It is common that real estate agents only have commission on rental and sales, and no fixed salary.

    #8 Long term properties with European standard

    Remember that most Europeans want a home with good standards and with european television channels. There is a lot for long term rentals of holiday homes in Javea, Spain, but there is a fight for homes with a good standard. Luxury apartments and villas will be taken very quickly.

    #9 What documentation do you need when renting a home in Javea

    You will usually be asked to provide:

  • Proof of work or ability to pay the rent
  • Tax and identification number (if you work)
  • Copy of passport and NIE document
  • Personal references

  • The landlord may request a bank guarantee. This means that if the tenant does not pay the rent, the landlord can apply directly to the tenant’s bank for the funds.

    #10 Furnished long term rental in Javea or not?

    Most of the villas and apartments are rented out fully furnished in Javea, Spain. If you have your own furniture and want to use these you must expect to store the landlord’s furniture at your own expense. If you rent an apartment complex, the landlord usually uses the booth to store his own personal items that cannot be left in the apartment. New homes you can find unfurnished.

    #11 Deposit and Real Estate fees long term rentals in Javea

    The deposit equals at least one, usually two, months of rent and cannot be used to pay the rent. It should be held by a third party. The landlord cannot ask to be paid more than a month’s rent in advance, and the payment is usually at the beginning of the month. Most often, you pay the Real Estate agent 1 month’s rent in the broker’s fee to find you the home.

    12 Lease agreement and rights for long-term rent in Javea

    In Spain, a lease (contrato de arrendamiento) is valid in writing. Insist on having everything in writing so that you fully understand what you are signing. To break a long term rental contract, the tenant must give at least 30 days notice before the end date.

    Usually, a long term rental contract will be for 11 months, renewed annually, and if you give notice during this period, you will be required to pay the rent up to the end of the contract. But this is no longer required by law. Rental periods can be as little as six months, followed by a rolling month-to-month contract. Still, if you expect to have to leave suddenly and in a way that is out of control – for example, being revoked by a company – then budgeting for it or having an escape clause entered into the contract should be budgeted for.

    In addition to the rent, the tenant will be expected to pay for minor repairs due to wear and tear. This should be made clear in the contract. On top of this, there may be annual or monthly fees for maintaining common areas and local expenses, such as garbage disposal.

    Tenants must maintain the property at a reasonable standard, so it is important to ensure that an inventory is made at the start of the rental and is accurate. In addition, it is advisable to request an inspection two to four weeks before you actually move out, so you have time to arrange a for any repairs. If you do so, you be able to get the deposit back when you return the keys. Otherwise, they have the right to withhold the deposit for one month.

    It is difficult for a landlord to throw out a tenant, even if they stop paying rent. Court proceedings are slow and rents must remain unpaid for a longer period before the landlord can arrange a eviction. In 2013, the period was reduced from six months to six weeks, making it easier for landlords to start the eviction process, although litigation tends to be pulled out over several months.

    Shifting or changing locks or otherwise restricting the tenant’s use of the property is likely to be considered harassment, and landlords who do so may face a fine or a prison. Landlords may also be denied access if they enter their own property without permission from the tenant.

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