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Rentals in Javea, Spain. Looking to rent a villa, apartment, townhouse, finca or house in Javea? Check out our wide collection of properties for rent in Javea on the Costa Blanca coast in Spain. We offer long and short term rentals, winter and holiday rentals in Javea.

You can filter Javea rentals by price, area, bedroom size, square footage, cheapest price, furnished units, studio apartments and more. You can also check our rental listings in Javea on the go by mobile or ipad. Don’t let the perfect villa, apartment, townhouse, finca or house for rent in Javea get away. From high-end modern design for corporate and luxury living, to basic furnishings that allow affordability, you will find listings of fully furnished apartments and villas for rent in Javea, for every budget. Use our searchform now to find cheap rentals in Javea.

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Rental properties in Javea, Costa Blanca come in all shapes and sizes. As a general rule of thumb, rents tend to be higher the closer you are to Arenal and Javea Puerto area. However, there are plenty of neighbourhoods in the other parts of Javea where the monthly rental price can be low.

Looking to buy in Javea? Search properties for sale in Javea by filtering home types, price and size. You can also filter with keyword searches such as “waterfront” homes in Javea.

Javea long term rentals

Javea long term rentalsLooking for a long term rental in Javea, Spain? We offer a wide range of long term rentals in Javea, from big villas with fantastic mountain and sea view, to cosy townhouses and apartments with a perfect location in the central areas of Javea. Use our searchform to find the perfect long term rental in Javea for you and your family, or tell us what you need and we show you properties that matches your wishlist.

Renting a property on a long term let basis in Javea enables you to really get to know an area by talking to locals to find out where the best areas of Javea are, and enables you to really feel what an area is like in different seasons. These little details that are crucial. Schools in Javea are another good example that are very hard to research thoroughly until you are actually here.

Long term lets or long term rental contracts in Javea are often referred to as Vivienda contracts. These are much cheaper than short term rentals in Javea because they are typically for a period of a 6 months up to a year. The best places to find long term rentals or long lets in Javea is through the local estate agents. Read more about Javea long term rentals.

Javea short term rentals

Javea short term rentalsProperty rental in Javea can be divided into short term and long term leasing. There are advantages and disadvantages for the landlord and tennant to renting properties under a short-term rental contract. As a potential renter, there are pros and cons as well. Use our searchform to find the perfect short term rental in Javea for you and your family, or tell us what you need and we show you properties that matches your wishlist.

Short term property rental in Javea is relatively variable as far as the amount of time that defines it. If you are planning to rent in Javea for a vacation, then more than likely you will enter a short term rental. This could be as short as a weekend, or as long as a couple of months. A long-term rental is typically considered anything six months or longer.

As a property renter in Javea, you might find it necessary to rent short term. Whether it be a vacation or travel job, the flexibility of a short-term lease does not obligate you to anything past the point you prefer. With many such properties furnished, you will more than likely find a place to accommodate a comfortable stay. This typically includes a higher level of comfort to that of a hotel, with all the amenities that one would expect to have in their own home. Read more about Javea short term rentals.

Javea winter rentals

Javea winter rentalsWinter rentals in Javea usually occur in privately owned properties (holiday homes), so the variety of accommodation is broad and inconsistent. A winter rental in Javea is a fully furnished property, such as a holiday villa, apartment, townhouse or single-family-style home. The client/traveler arranges to rent the vacation rental property for a designated period of time. Winter rentals in Javea is normally from october to may. Use our searchform to find the perfect winter rental in Javea for you and your family, or tell us what you need and we show you properties that matches your wishlist.

Winter rentals in Javea are arranged either direct with the owner or through an agency, usually via the internet. Many owners have their own websites, but most also use listing services, which display property information and photos provided by the homeowner. Read more about Javea winter rentals

Javea holiday rentals

Javea holiday rentalsA holiday rental in Javea is renting a furnished apartment, villa, townhouse, or professionally managed resort-condominium complex on a temporary basis to tourists as an alternative to a hotel. Holiday rentals in Javea have long been a popular travel option in Spain. Use our searchform to find the perfect holiday rental in Javea for you and your family, or tell us what you need and we show you properties that matches your wishlist.

Some vacation and holiday rentals in Javea like single apartments and apartment hotels offer many of the same services hotels offer to their guests, e.g., front desk check-in, 24-hour maintenance, in-house housekeeping, and concierge service. Holiday and vacation rentals are available in most cities in Spain in major tourist areas such as Barcelona and Madrid and as well as the coastal areas with beaches, many of which are rentals. Read more about Javea holiday rentals

Javea rentals tips

Are you thinking about renting a property in Javea or in Costa Blanca? There is a lot of properties for rent in Javea, and the real estate agents are queuing up to show you what there is for rent in this area. The best way to get to know Javea before you purchase a property is to rent on a long term basis first. Here are some good advice and tips that you should consider before renting a home in Javea, Spain.

  • #1 What are your property needs? – Before going to a Real Estate agent it is important to think about what you want from a property in Javea, Spain. How many bedrooms and bathrooms, price range, area, and type of house. Make sure this is communicated so that the broker is prepared, and shows you housing that is within your interest.
  • #2 Make sure the Real Estate agency has the experience needed – Make sure that the Real Estate agency you choose in Javea has been in business for some years and has good experience. Anyone can start as a real estate agent in Spain. Then it is important that you ask for references from previous customers and spend time checking if the real estate agent is serious.
  • #3 Real Estate agents show you to expensive homes – Many real estate agents in Javea,Spain show more expensive homes than what you have use for. This is for the customer to stretch a little extra, and for the Real Estate agent to get more commission from each rental contract. It is common that real estate agents in Javea only have commission on rentals and sales and no fixed salary.
  • #4 Is the area good for the whole family? – Spend time looking at homes before you decide to rent. Examine what is in the area you want to live in, municipal services and activities for the kids. Remember that in Spain there is an everyday life too, and then it is important that you have what you need around you.
  • #5 Furnished or not? – Most of the houses and apartments are rented out fully furnished in Javea, Spain. If you have your own furniture and want to use these you must expect to store the landlord’s furniture at your own expense. If you rent an apartment complex, the landlord usually uses the storage room to store his own personal items that cannot be left in the apartment. New homes you can find unfurnished.
  • #6 Deposit and Real Estate agent commission – The deposit equals at least one, usually two, months of rent and cannot be used to pay the rent. It should be held by a third party. The landlord cannot ask to be paid more than a month’s rent in advance, and the payment is usually at the beginning of the month. Most often, you pay at least one month commission to the Real Estate agent to find you the home. This is especially in areas like Javea and surrounding areas where there is great competition for rental housing.
  • #7 Lease contract (contrato de arrendamiento) – Usually with long term rentals, a contract will be for up to 11 months, renewed annually, and if you give notice during this period, you will be required to pay the rent up to the end of the contract. Rental periods can be as little as six months, followed by a rolling month-to-month contract. In addition to the rent, the tenant will be expected to pay for minor repairs due to wear and tear. This should be made clear in the contract. On top of this, there may be annual or monthly fees for maintaining common areas and local expenses, such as garbage disposal.

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