13 Tips for the Perfect Holiday Home in Javea

13 Tips for the Perfect Holiday Home in Javea

Are you looking for the perfect holiday home in Javea, Spain? In this article, we will discuss how to find your dream home, and give you tips and advice on the road that will make sure everything goes as planned whether to buy or rent a holiday home in Javea.

Europeans love Javea and Spain because it is easy and affordable to travel there, the country has a wonderful climate all year round and it has a special western culture. People choose holiday homes in Javea, Spain rather than in any other country as a destination for retirement, as an investment, as a holiday home or just to escape the cold.

Search and find your dream property in Costa Blanca

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Spain’s vast number of regions, cities and cultures have something for everyone: from the sunny favorites Javea, Albir, Alfaz del Pi and Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca, or Malaga, Fuengirola and Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol, to the islands of Gran Canaria and Mallorca, and to the big cities Barcelona and Madrid for those who enjoy culture.

Buy or rent a holiday home in Javea

There are many reasons why people buy or rent a holiday home in Javea. Many choose to buy a villa or holiday home that they can rent to other holiday makers part of the year. These are usually found in the most popular tourist destinations.

Business people often choose properties in or near one of the big cities. The economy of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia remains relatively strong. Some people even find it easier and cheaper to live in Spain and commute to other places in Europe for work. Major cities in Spain have fast Internet, which allows many to live out the dream of living in Spain while having a job based elsewhere.

The real estate market in Javea and rest of Spain was hit hard by the economic crisis. For those who are considering buying property in Javea, this is an advantage. Due to the relative strength of other European countries’ economies and currencies, buyers from countries outside Spain can make incredible real estate deals. Is your dream home in Javea a villa with stunning sea views? An apartment in the heart of a town full of life? A secluded spot in the countryside? Javea has everything you need.

Tips for buying and renting a holiday home in Javea

#1 Where to find holiday homes in Javea

As with other countries, the most common way to find a house or apartment for sale or rent in Javea is through a real estate agent, online real estate portals, or through newspaper ads. There are several good websites where you can find your dream home in Javea. We will here in this overview show you the most used oens. There you will find homes for sale and rent throughout Spain.

  • Javeasales.com
  • Fotocasa.es
  • Idealista.com

  • Facebook groups and pages where you can find holiday homes for rent in Javea

  • Javea Sales & Rentals
  • Costa Blanca Sales & Rentals
  • Long term rentals Javea and Moraira
  • Javea long term rentals
  • Long term rentals Javea

  • Facebook groups and pages where you can find holiday homes for sale in Javea

  • Javea Sales & Rentals
  • Costa Blanca Sales & Rentals
  • Javea Property Sales
  • Rent and Sales Costa Blanca
  • Rentals and Sales Costa Blanca North

  • #2 Find the holiday homes you want to see before you come to Javea

    Spend time on the real estate portals and write down the holiday homes you want to see before arriving in Javea. Then you can make appointments with the various Real Estate agencies for viewing the holiday homes you want to see. This will save you time and will give you the opportunity to get more viewing agreements on the same day.

    #3 Communicate your needs to the Real Estate agent

    Before going to a Real Estate agent it is important to think about what you want from a holiday home in Javea, Spain. How many bedrooms and bathrooms, price range, area, and type of house. Make sure this is communicated so that the broker is prepared, and shows you housing that is within your interest.

    #4 Experience is important

    Make sure that the Real Estate agency you choose in Javea has been in business for some years and has good experience. Anyone can start as a real estate agent in Spain. Then it is important that you ask for references from previous customers and spend time checking if the real estate agent is serious.

    #5 Stay on budget

    Many real estate agents in Javea,Spain show more expensive holiday homes than what you have use for. This is for the customer to stretch a little extra, and for the Real Estate agent to get more commission from each sale. It is common that real estate agents in Javea only have commission on sales and no fixed salary.

    #6 No open bid log

    It is not common to log the bids in Spain. There is no way for you as a buyer can check if it is actually a real bid that is given to the seller or from the bank. Therefore, one should never bid on what other people have given, but on the basis of what you as a customer and Real Estate agent think it is possible to get the home for. Start low anyway.

    #7 Documentation of any dept on the holiday home in Javea

    Important to get documentation of any dept on the home. Remember that in Spain the debt follows the property and not the seller. Unpaid taxes and fees you will have to take over, if it is not ensured that these are settled on the settlement date. Require all receipts and guarantee that there is no loan on the property.

    #8 Check that all living area is included in the deed

    In Spain, there are often deviations in the area of ​​the deed and what is stated in the prospects. This is because the property tax is determined according to the area in the deed, and many people avoid giving this up by development, even though they have applied and approved the actual development.

    #9 Before buying get the property appraised by a professional

    Before purchase of holiday home in Javea, make sure that the property is appraised by a professional. It costs from 300-600 Euro, but it can be well spent money on such a large investment. Then you will have certainty as to which condition your home is in and know what is wrong and possibly need to be remedied. If you borrow money from the bank for the home purchase, the bank will demand a fee before the loan is granted. The tariff will then be made by the bank’s own appraiser.

    #10 Area plan

    Ask your Real Estate agent to print the building plans for the area you want to buy in Javea. It is not enough to see the papers on the technical agency in the municipality. Particularly important in unregulated areas. (Rustica)

    #11 Display with a specialist

    If you have found a holiday home in Javea that you are very interested in, then ask the Real Estate agent for a second viewing and ask him to bring a professional who can check the building condition of the house.

    #12 Does the area fit the whole family?

    Spend time looking at holiday homes for rent and sale before you decide. Examine what is in the area you want to live in, municipal services and activities for the kids. Remember that in Javea and Spain there is an everyday life too, and then it is important that you have what you need around you.

    #13 Holiday houses with European standard

    Remember that most Europeans want a holiday home with good standards and with european television channels. There is a lot for sale and rent in Javea, Spain, but there is a fight for holiday homes with a good standard. Luxury apartments and villas will be taken very quickly.

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