Money exchange Costa Blanca

Money exchange Costa Blanca North

Changing money from one currency to another in Costa Blanca can mean that you actually lose money. The bank rates are not usually very good so it is important to know who to turn to for financial help. Using a professional foreign exchange trader in Costa Blanca is the best thing to do.

Whether you want to change a large sum after buying or selling a house in Costa Blanca, or whether you want the best rate for when you move your sterling pension to a euro account, using the services of a foreign exchange trader or office can pay dividends.

Our currency exchange service in Costa Blanca is simple to use and can save you money. Whether your priority is speed, a specific exchange rate or minimising your risk, we have a number of different contract options available to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are looking to pay international suppliers, make regular payments to overseas employees, or repatriate overseas revenue, we have the solutions for your business.

Money exchange in Costa Blanca

Compare margins offered by the top currency exchanges to get you the best deal. The companies we work with do not charge commissions or add hidden costs, as we only use professional services that are 100% trustworthy and leaders in the industry. So for a hassle-free, low cost money transfer. Read more about currencies exchange on the link below.

How to do money exchange in Costa Blanca?

Blanca International work with experts in financial advice on many processes such as opening up a bank account, securing a mortgage from a Spanish bank, or transferring small and large amounts of money to or from Spain.

Our money exchange partner Currencies Direct have a national agreement with Caixabank here in Costa Blanca. This means, among other things, that you can pay the free bank deposit you get when you sell your property in Costa Blanca. Currencies Direct works both for the private and corporate markets, no amount are too large or too small.

The biggest barrier so far has been that people often have a very good relationship with their own bank, and are not used to thinking about alternatives.

  • #1 Create an account – Once you’ve created an account with Currencies Direct you can check live exchange rates 24/7. Opening an account is simple, fast and free. Open a account here.
  • #2 Secure a great rate – With Currencies Direct you can make transfers to more than 200 countries in over 40 currencies. You can send your money via card or bank transfer.
  • #3 Currencies Direct will do the rest – Your funds will be transferred the same day*. Currencies Direct let you know when the payment is sent and you can track transfers online and through the app.

  • When to use currencies exchange in Costa Blanca?

    A) When you are buying property in Costa Blanca – Using your bank to transfer the money for your property purchase in Costa Blanca could be very expensive. Currencies Direct on the other hand, can offer more competitive exchange rates and fee-free transfers. Even a small difference in exchange rates can add up to savings of thousands when transferring the size sums involved in a typical property purchase.

    B) When you are selling your property in Costa Blanca – If you’re selling your property, you’ll probably need to deposit a banker’s draft into your Spanish account before transferring your funds. Usually this means a percentage of your sale price going straight into the local bank’s pocket. Thanks to Currencies Direct exclusive partnership with Caixa Bank, you won’t be charged a fee; just speak to Currencies Direct to access this service.

    C) Regular payments to receive a salary or pension – Currencies Directs bank-beating exchange rates could save you up to 5% on all of your overseas money transfers. And during the transfer process we keep your money in a segregated client account, where it’s completely secure.

    Experts on currency exchange in Costa Blanca

    Currencies Direct makes moving money to in Costa Blanca in Spain simple swift and secure. Currently they have a total of 16 offices in Spain, and was established in 1996. If you’re buying property overseas, emigrating or sending money to loved ones, Currencies Direct guarantee a better exchange rate than the bank.

    Currencies Direct is a currency exchange expert in Costa Blanca, ensuring that customers receive the best possible currency exchange, while guaranteeing no bank charges. Currencies Direct is a very good alternative to bank for international money transfers. They have grown tremendously in recent years and this makes them the most important and complete company in this sector.

    Currencies Direct will monitor the exchange rates for you and contact you when there is movement in the market. You can also bind today’s exchange rate for up to one year. This can be very beneficial for those who are going to sell their property in Spain, and have a date for signing on in the future. The euro has recently been strong, and by binding today’s exchange rate they will be guaranteed this exchange rate for up to one year, although exchange rates will change during that time.

    How much can you save with currencies exchange in Costa Blanca?

    Let’s use the example of sending £100,000 to Spain to see how much you could save by making the transfer with Currencies Direct compared to your high street bank.

    Money Exchange in Costa Blanca
    Money Exchange in Costa Blanca

    That’s an additional €3,118 in your overseas account. Rates compared on 29 July 2019. When comparing our exchange rates to the banks, we use the International Money Transfer Index (an independent comparison service), so you get a verified, “real world” comparison. Source:

    Money saving ‘exchange’ tips in Costa Blanca

    If your next vacation is going to take you to Costa Blanca, you may want to know how to get foreign currency without paying extra fees. Here are some money saving exchange tips.

    Avoid Currency Exchange Kiosks at Airports – If you don’t have time to get cash at the bank before your trip, it can be tempting to get foreign currency at an airport kiosk or currency exchange counter. These places offer convenience, but their exchange rates are typically much less favorable

    Pay in the Local Currency to Avoid Currency Conversion Fees – Some merchants in Costa Blanca will let you choose whether you want to pay for your purchase in the local currency or pounds or dollars.

    This doesn’t happen with every purchase. But sometimes, after swiping your card, the merchant will present you with a screen offering you an option: You can either pay the amount in the equivalent of Pounds or pay in the local currency amount.

    If you ever find yourself in this situation, you should always choose to pay in the local currency. If you choose to pay in pounds or dollars, you’ll be charged an extra currency conversion fee. You’ll also likely get a poor exchange rate. The merchant’s point of sale system may make it seem like it’s a convenient choice to pay in dollars instead of the local currency, but it will ultimately cost you more. Just pay in local currency when using your card.

    Before you plan your next exciting international trip, give some thought to how you’re going to get cash and how you want to pay for everyday purchases. Understanding currency exchange fees, foreign transaction fees, ATM withdrawal limits and other aspects of making payments in foreign currencies can help you save money, save time and enjoy your travels to the fullest.

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